Freaks and Geeks Rewatch


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  • Regan

    I watched Freaks and Geeks for the first time a couple of years ago. I was nineteen-years-old when I started it. I kind of wish I could have watched it when I was actually at high school, in my mid-teens. I think I would have been more invested in the show. At the same time, it might have been too hard, emotionally, to watch during that period of my life.

    My favourite group was definitely the Geeks. I loved Bill and Sam. They were funny and adorable. In the end, it was the Geeks that kept me wanting to watch the show. I didn’t care for Lindsey, or any of the Freaks, to be honest. I wanted to see what happened to Bill, Sam, and Neal.

    I identify with both the Freaks and the Geeks. I was, and still am, a combination of both. I had a bit of a rebel spirit. My attendance at school was poor, because I was struggling with my anxiety disorder. I also loved alternative rock and I dressed more like the Freaks. Then, I was like the Geeks in the sense that I was a dork and I had geeky interests, and when I did apply myself at school, I did reasonably well. Neither group probably would have accepted me into their fold, but I wouldn’t have wanted to hang out with the Freaks, anyway, because they would have been too wild for me. I would have loved to have been in a group like the Geeks when I was in high school, but the geeks at my school were less like Bill, Sam, and Neal and more arrogant and judgemental.

    One of the most enjoyable things about watching the show for me, like Lulu, was identifying all the actors that went on to greater things. There are so many recognisable actors in Freaks and Geeks. It’s crazy!

    • Regan, I really get you! Especially about not being cool enough to be part of the Freaks. I def wasn’t cool enough lol.

  • I love Freaks and Geeks! I so wish that the show wasn’t canceled, it deserved way more than one season! 😀

    • Agreed. It was my first time watching, but I really would like to see the characters again!

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