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    Here are a few notes about the forums!

    The first thing to do is register for the site. You’ll need a username and an email address so you can view and post on the forums. Register here.

    What can you do on the forums?
    A LOT.

    In addition to hosting activities for our major annual events, the forums are a place to hang out year round and meet up with other geeky folks! Make sure to look over our FORUM POSTING & COMMENTING POLICY here. Basically, just treat people with respect and kindness!

    Join us in the Chatterbox forum for random musings, forum games, and monthly activities! If you don’t think your topic falls into another category, go ahead and put it in here! If you are looking for a subject, you can use the forum search bar on the right side of your screen!

    Adventure with Pen Pals
    Looking for a pen pal? Our staff runs pen pal rounds that are staff sanctioned, organized, and coordinated once a month, except for in July and December. Our pen pals are sorted into Houses and paired with fellow house-mates. You can sign up for a Pen Pal here. You can also check in the forums for a new pen pal, ask questions about signing up, or show of your happy mail!

    Want to trade geeky items and make some new connections? Our swaps are some of the most active parts of our sites. Members host all sorts of swaps and exchanges throughout the year, and the staff hosts a few larger ones as well. In the past we have sent out holiday cards, IGGPPCamp care packages, and other fun things. Read all about swaps here.

    Connect With Your House
    Level up by getting sorted into your appropriate house based on your age range.This page lists the houses and age groups, as well as instructions for gaining access to your house “common room,” the private forum for your house only. Get sorted.

    Go On Quests
    Our site hosts an amazing array of activities for you to find outlets and make friends. We have bookworms and fitness teams, movie buffs and baking champs, gamers, crafters, photographers, you name it! Most groups have ongoing activities that you can jump into at any point. Read about activities here.

    Fangirl over Fandoms
    Not everything fits into one of our activity groups! We love that our members have so many varied interests! Here is a place where you can talk about other things that make you happy! Find the top fandoms here!

    Real Life
    Want to plan a meet up locally or at a convention? Here is the place to do it. We also talk about real life issues and share about advice and girl talk. Check out Dose of Reality Forum here.

    News & Announcements
    This is where we share some of our big goings on and ask for suggestions. Also, if you are having troubles, let us know here!

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