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    Welcome to the International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club! These forums are a safe space for members to hang out, share geeky loves, participate in swaps, activities, and ask for advice.

    Geeky folks are not known for being shy about venturing their opinions when it comes to their favorite areas of fandom and expertise. In this club, members may have conversations about a variety of topics, including asking for recommendations for comic titles, the latest casting news for film/tv, con-related events and identity politics in geek culture. With that in mind, please try to approach conversations in good faith – not everyone has the same familiarity with concepts, titles, characters, etc (and that’s ok). If something isn’t clear, ask for clarification (but on the same token, don’t expect someone to do your homework for you).

    IGGPPC welcomes comments, regardless of whether you agree or disagree with posted content, but as IGGPPC aims to create a safe space for people of all stripes to have robust and engaging discussions and occasional debates, there are a few House Rules:

    1) IGGPPC reserves the right to moderate all forum threads and posted content as the club mods see fit. Mods may or may not give warning if your comments are in violation of House Rules. Please provide a brief description what you’re linking to, especially if it’s an image or video you’re uploading directly. Please post Trigger Warnings (TW) with content where appropriate, and please post a content note for any visuals using flashing lights or strobe effects. We also ask that when posting items, please indicate if they’re not safe for work (NSFW) with a basic description (ie “NSFW Deadpool trailer”) and include only the URL, not the preview images. NSFW posts that contain preview images are subject to removal without notice. Please also be considerate in any NSFW comment threads as we have members as young as 13.

    2) Comments are more likely to be deleted if they constitute a personal attack or threat toward another commenter(s), are entirely unrelated to the entry topic, constitute derailing or entail more than a “fair use” amount of someone else’s copyrighted work.

    3) Posts/comments containing phobic content (based on race, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, etc) are absolutely not tolerated. Neither is obvious trollage. Or spam. But we really, really don’t like phobic content. Any posts pertaining to illegal activity – ie., asking for advice about pirating, sneaking into events, etc., – are not allowed. All of the above will be immediately obliterated by our photon torpedoes.

    4) If something looks dicey or weird and you’re not sure it should be on here, or you feel a thread needs mod attention, please EMAIL us at or DM TWEET the mods with a link to the post FIRST rather than responding to questionable content yourself or starting a thread discussing it separately. We’re not doing this full time so any notification via DM is very much appreciated, and it gives us a chance to diffuse any potential situations.*

    5) The internet is an awesome place, but it is also full of strangers! Please be careful when posting personal information about yourself and NEVER post personal information for another person without their consent. This includes full names, addresses, and photos. Make sure to read over our safety guidelines as well!

    These policies apply to both the content and tone of topics/replies. Please keep in mind that even if you may not find a topic worth discussing, that shouldn’t prevent others from talking about it – no one is obligated to join in every conversation or have an opinion on everything. If you aren’t sure if your comment/post will raise the ire of the mods, ask yourself if it follows “Wheaton’s Law.” If it doesn’t, don’t post it. Repeat offenses against community rules may result in group expulsion and banning.

    *It should go without saying that the staff will not be pleased with anyone abusing this particular guideline.

    Opinions and material posted in this group are strictly those of their authors and do not necessarily represent the opinion, position or official policies of the IGGPPC unless otherwise noted. Authors are solely responsible for the accuracy of any and all material posted.

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