Winged Eyeliner tutorial

Liz Hurley

Hello listeners. I can’t stop listening to Panic! at the Disco. Please help. Brendon won’t let me go. He has me trapped. But aren’t we all? Are we all not trapped by someone? Something? Break free. Break. Free. Break. Free. Break. Break. Break. break….

I like Welcome to Nightvale in case you couldn’t tell.

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  • I found a really cool colormates eyeliner at the dollar store that helped me learn how to do winged liner. The bottle had a mini mirror on it and since I have extremely poor vision, the mini mirror was SO helpful when I was learning, since I could get so close to it. Lol.

    Anyway, great tutorial like always!

  • Meghan Mapes

    You always make everything look so easy and look awesome! Thanks for sharing =)