Doctor Who: An Intro Post


Debbie (aka darolf) is a video editor living in NYC who writes about all things Doctor Who and Game Of Thrones. An enthusiastic newcomer to conventions, she also loves adding to her never-ending Netflix queue, and dipping her toe into the world of cosplay. In her spare time she edits and co-hosts a movie podcast called You Haven't Seen?! blogs over at The Geeky Twin and contributes at Common Room

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  • Bad Rolf. Great post. Especially intriguing are your two favorite companies. Donna Noble is the best obviously (she’s my fav too), but many people have problems with Clara.

    Do you like her more in this season since she’s no longer a plot device? Did they develop her character more?

  • Thanks 🙂 I like Clara a lot more this season, but I’ve always liked that The Doctor had a hard time figuring her out. She’s not perfect, I do have some problems with her character, but I think this season she got to be a lot more.

  • I’m actually getting ready to start watching (should I ever actually get it from the library), and was thinking the Ninth Doctor was a good place to start based on the very little research I have managed to do (Doctor Who stuff is overwhelming!). Is that what you’d suggest and/or do you have a suggestion for people just getting started?

    • I started with the episode Blink (Tenth Doctor) and then went back and started with Nine. For me, Blink was a good one-off episode to watch just to see if I liked the show. I would recommend starting with Nine, but if you wanted to give the show a “test run” some good episodes are “Blink”, “The Eleventh Hour”, and a 2-parter “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead”. I’ll do a post soon about more tips for people getting started, but that’s it in a nutshell 🙂