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IGGPPCamp 2017: Grilled Pizza

Are you super hungry after all that swimming and hiking??? Do you wish you could eat a steamy, gooey, cheesy pizza??? YOU CAN! No, please, I’m not talking about calling to pizza delivery!!! You are...


IGGPPCamp 2017: Breakfast at Camp

Gooooood Morniiiiinnnnng IGGPPCamp! Everyone knows that breakfast is the more important meal of the day, especially when you are planning on doing outdoor activities. When you awake up bright and early with the sun...


Halloween Dish

Being Halloween and all, we always need some special recipes to celebrate. Today, I’m sharing with you my latest recipe, which I hope you like! It’s Brain Zombies in Werewolf Mucus, with Vampire Fingers, Crisp...


To Eat Or Not to Eat: All That Pumpkin Stuff

I know, you’ve missed me. I’ve been doing things. Like trying pumpkin flavored things and buying shoes. I know that the USA’s Pumpkin Spice Season is a joke, but it’s also dead serious important....


#PokéNOM: Starters Candy Bark

When I first heard about #PokeNOM through The Gluttonous Geek blog I knew I had to come up with something! Then I realized that unless I made/decorated something that looked like a Poke Ball,...


Interview with Pixelated Provisions

I had the opportunity to interview another talented food blogger who takes her inspiration from video games. Meet Victoria of Pixelated Provisions! 1. Tell us about your blog and where the idea came from...


10 Geek Foods Recreated In Real Life

Every geek on the planet can get envious of foods in video games, movies, television shows, books, especially considering the amount of creative freedom our favourite writers have to experiment. A lot of these foods...


Interview with The Gluttonous Geek

I’m here with you today to share a fun and inspiring interview with Catherine of The Gluttonous Geek. Keep reading to find out about #pokeNOM, some great geek-inspired recipes, and what fandoms inspire Catherine’s cooking.


To Eat Or Not to Eat: Pop Tarts Edition

It’s hot out there. Does the weather not care that it’s after Labor Day so we are all understood to be on Fall Time? (At least in the Northern Hemisphere?) If Starbucks gets it...


To Eat Or Not to Eat: Goldfish Edition

Welcome to a new series, where we explore unusual flavors of common (or not so common) snack foods! This week we’re trying some new dessert flavors of Goldfish crackers with guest contributor Elise!