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Charm Bomb # 2 – Supervillains

Summer, Stewie, Hadas, Toasty,  and Rosa are here for the second full episode of Charm Bomb! NERDY NEWS (00:00:31)- Even though all five hosts are technically part of House Glados, Stewie had us pitted against each other to represent...


Charm Bomb: Iggle Bits #2 – May Club Updates

Stewie, Summer, Toasty, Hadas, and Rosa are here to tell you all about what’s coming up for the IGGPPC this month! Theme This month’s theme is all about supervillains. Who is the baddest baddy you know of, and the foe you’d...


Charm Bomb # 1 – Animation Celebration

Stewie, Summer, Hadas, Rosa, and Toasty are here for the first ever full episode of Charm Bomb! NERDY NEWS (00:00:53)- Games turned into movies, Comic Book collabs, Doctor Who/Game of Thrones Crossovers and MORE! Listen as Summer quizzes the...