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WonderCon Wrap-Up – DC Comics Style

As a huge DC Comics fan, WonderCon had so much to see and do (more than I could get to) and I was in comic heaven. It's a good time to be a DC fan (just don't talk to me about the movies, okay?). And with the Black Label books set to release around August, there's bound to be loads more great announcements coming out of DC Comics. What are you most excited about seeing?

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WonderCon Wrap-Up – A Wonderful Smorgasbord

Another year, another WonderCon in the books. WonderCon has always been one of my favorite conventions and this year was no exception. WonderCon is the little sibling of giant behemoth Comic-Con International: San Diego. Once upon a time it was in the San Francisco Bay, but since 2012 has taken advantage of the space and scheduling offered by the Anaheim Convention Center (apart from 2016 when it took place in Los Angeles due to construction at the Convention Center). The programming is excellent. The cosplay is epic. The exhibit hall is huge. And most importantly, the creator’s attending the convention are welcoming and accessible. Read on for some highlights from WonderCon 2018.

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The Bellas’ Final Performance Now Available on Blu-Ray

It feels fitting to be writing a review of Pitch Perfect 3 right after celebrating the 5th Geek Girl Pen Pals birthday celebration. Why? Because of community! Pitch Perfect is about a group of young women who over time discover the importance of their relationships with each other. This third and final installment of the movies takes to heart that message of chosen family and the support and trust we give to our chosen family as we continue to move forward in life.

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IGGPPC Turns 5 – GIVEAWAY – 5 Comic-Con Swag Bags for 5 Years of 5 Geek Loves!

As a small way to celebrate, we have been collecting SWAG from conventions for the last year (including a LOT from San Diego Comic-Con!) and we want to give it all away! Below are FIVE individual swag packs-- one for each of our 5 years of 5 geek loves!

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IGGPPC Turns 5 – RECIPE – Ice Cream & Giant Cookie Birthday Cake

Birthdays are one of those special occasions that we can eat, eat and eat whatever we want. Savory or sweet, the sky is the limit. The title says it all. Ice cream and GIANT cookie: it’s the mix I choose to celebrate the IGGPPC birthday.

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IGGPPC Turns 5 – RECIPE – Mirror Glaze Birthday Cake!

I've never baked a mirror glaze cake before. I've seen enough episodes of The Great British Bake Off to know how tricky these can be, but I've always wanted to try it, and I felt like if there was any time to make a mirror glaze cake, it might as well be for the IGGPPC 5th birthday!

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IGGPPC Turns 5 – GIVEAWAY – Organizing Your Birthday Books

Recently, I took a look at my TBR and was shocked that I had more books on that list than on my read list. My thirst for new books has clearly outgrown my reading capabilities and I should probably take a look at it.

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OwlCrate February 2018: Hidden Worlds **Spoilers**

Another month and another amazing box from the folks over at OwlCrate! This month’s theme, Hidden Worlds, was waitlisted early in the month of January. With the promise of another anticipated box and an item that has never been a part of an OwlCrate box before, they certainly did not disappoint their wide subscriber base. Another theme from last month that carried over was exclusives! All but one item in the box was designed specifically for this OwlCrate box. Let's see what was inside!

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GIVEAWAY – Burn Bright and Lake Silence

March 6 is a big day in the world of fantasy fiction. Two fabulous new entries, Burn Bright by Patricia Briggs (Alpha & Omega #5) and Lake Silence by Anne Bishop (The World of the Others), will be released into the world. Both are definitely worth reading.

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