Author: Jen


#PokéNOM: Starters Candy Bark

When I first heard about #PokeNOM through The Gluttonous Geek blog I knew I had to come up with something! Then I realized that unless I made/decorated something that looked like a Poke Ball,...


Interview with Pixelated Provisions

I had the opportunity to interview another talented food blogger who takes her inspiration from video games. Meet Victoria of Pixelated Provisions! 1. Tell us about your blog and where the idea came from...


Interview with The Gluttonous Geek

I’m here with you today to share a fun and inspiring interview with Catherine of The Gluttonous Geek. Keep reading to find out about #pokeNOM, some great geek-inspired recipes, and what fandoms inspire Catherine’s cooking.


IGGPPCamp 2016: S’mores Dip

S’mores at home that you can make in the kitchen?!? Yes please! I want to share this super easy recipe to make in your kitchen in under 15 minutes using your oven, which will fulfill all your...


Meet the Sponsors: Tee Fetch

We have another wonderful sponsor to introduce to you today – Tee Fetch. Read on to find out about how awesome the Tee Fetch site is and how it can help you find the perfect...


Notice Me Senpai: Magical Cinnamon Rolls

I’m the type of person who tries to win people over with cupcakes, cookies, or just anything homemade. Not too surprising, right? One of my go-to gifts for loved ones is to make them a...


Alien Jello Parfaits

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Alien’? Personally, I think of little green creatures with upside-down teardrop heads and black eyes. So when I was brainstorming and looking up alien-themed...


Top 5 Alien-Inspired Recipes

Making an alien-inspired recipe is pretty fun because aliens can look like anything – monsters, humans, blobs. So you can pretty much make any sort of crazy-looking thing and say it’s an alien. With...


90s Stationery

The 90s provided us with so many amazing television shows and movies which inspired and influenced a lot of us. Since IGGPPC is a pen pal community, I wanted to share some fun 90s-inspired...


DIY Halloween Candy Bark

It’s the time of year to indulge in mini-sized treats because Halloween is upon us! Honestly, I’m always hopeful that we end up with leftover candy after handing it out to the neighbourhood kids....


Bento Meals

A Bento is a single portion meal you pack at home. It’s common in Japanese cuisine and it’s becoming more and more popular in North America. You might have seen photos of cute Bento...