Author: NerdishMum


Pixelate Your Body

This month’s challenge was a challenge to think up! Trying to pixelate your very non-pixelated body was a conundrum; so I decided to pixelate the exercise instead! You will need some form of box-shaped,...


Bookish Fitness Routine

Welcome to Bookish Fitness! This month we aim to help you keep healthy while still enjoying a good book. We are going to set different challenges that you can complete while you are reading!


New Year Iggle Fitness Blast

Happy New Year Iggles and welcome to your new year fitness plan! We’re super excited about this month’s challenge and we’re really looking forward to seeing what you all think about it! Hopefully we’ll...


Fitness For Aspiring Time Travellers

Anyone planning to become a time traveller needs to make sure they’re in shape since in most cases you will spend most of your time running and hiding from things. We, at Iggle Fitness, have...


Iggle Fitness Presents: Sweat to the 90s

Welcome to November’s fitness challenge, in honour of this month’s theme we are hitting rewind and we’re going to be donning sweat bands and leg warmers (and if you’re feeling super adventurous you could...