Author: Joanna


Reporting Back From NerdCon: Nerdfighteria

The first ever Nerd Con: Nerdfighteria was held February 25-26th, 2017, in Boston, Massachusetts, and was by far and away the best conference I have ever attended. Relatively small, at a max of 3500 attendees, it provided an in-depth experience that brought a 10 year old online community into the physical world in a tangible way.


Japan Funbox Review

In a world where subscription boxes seem to be everywhere, it can be difficult to weed through them all and find the one that best works for you. That being said, I recently received...


Everyday Cosplay: Squirrel Girl!

For our last fashion foray of Superheroes and Supervillains month, we’re creating a look based on a modern favorite: Squirrel Girl! From her earth tone colors to her squirrel sidekick, she’s a super fun...


Everyday Cosplay: Loki Laufeyson

Are you feeling a little villainous? Want to take your wardrobe up a level on the dark side? This week’s everyday cosplay look is inspired by fan favorite villain Loki Laufeyson!


Everyday Cosplay: Wonder Woman

This month we’re talking Heroes and Villains, and we’re kicking off a round of everyday cosplay looks with an outfit inspired by Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman. Let’s jump in!


Everyday Cosplay: Paris Geller

This month we’re doing all things Crafty, including everyday cosplay looks based on our favorite fictional crafters! This week’s outfit is inspired by Paris Geller, one-time nemesis turned roommate and pal of Rory Gilmore...


Geek 101: Nerdfighteria

You may have heard of Nerdfighteria, or even met someone who is a Nerdfighter and wondered what, exactly, that word means. Or you might yourself be a nerdfighter – in which case – welcome...


Everyday Cosplay: Alison Hendrix

Orphan Black’sĀ Alison Hendrix has a craft room of which dreams are made of, and she’s also pretty handy with a hot glue gun. This week we’re creating a couple of Alison-worthy outfits, so get...


Everyday Cosplay: Arwen Evenstar

No month of fantasy inspired looks would be complete without the Evenstar herself, Arwen! From the forests of the Shire to the high court of Minis Tirith, Arwen brings strength and grace everywhere she...