Author: Jennie


Top 5 Disney Games

When I think of Disney, I picture the gorgeous stories and scenes painted by hand as well as formed into wonderful 3D animations with Pixar. I never really associate it with video games because...


Mafia 3: First Look

Sometimes a game comes along that is timely and topical, and Mafia 3 provides a way to look back at a difficult period of recent U.S. history that is still impacting us today. As...


Overwatch: Ana Overview

Overwatch has been the joy of many gamers, especially fans of FPSs and Blizzard. It easily surpasses the giant MOBA that is League of Legends (LoL). The wonderfully designed arenas, as well as the...


Overwatch Review

Blizzard has been a huge part of the hearts of many game lovers, especially the fantasy and MMO lovers. We’ve seen it grow and add more to the collection of games we grow to...


Top 5 Pixel Games

In the spirit of this month’s theme, Play With Pixels, I thought it’d be fun to explore the Pixel options we have in the gaming world. There are so many games out there, hundreds…thousands...


This War Of Mine Review

In the world of games, Indie has been a category of game that has intrigued everyone. The smaller time game developers have been given the freedom and resources to create worlds and stories that...


Stardew Valley Review

This month’s theme is Play with Pixels, and so I followed the overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam and came across a pixel art game named Stardew Valley. A game that any fan of Harvest...


The Division Review

The Division is something many of us have been curious about. Since its teaser that revealed the gorgeous graphics in this snowy, altered version of New York, we’ve wondered what The Division really was.


Black Desert First Look

The world of MMORPGs has always been one of my favourites. These games give us the opportunity to venture through amazing places and meet new people from all over the world we would never...