Austrian Schools Compared To American Schools

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Meg is an eighteen year old American currently living in Austria, with a love of culture, languages, and all things books.

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  • Emma

    That’d be so awesome studying abroad for a whole year! Ich studiert letzte Jahre in Deutschland. Question: Do you mean SBahn (Straße meaning the street level train) instead of UBahn (Untergrund/underground)? And how are you finding Austria, price-wise? I was so shocked at how affordable Germany is (esp compared to France next door), but then again I am from Australia aka Expensiveland.

  • Yasmin Amalia

    Well now I live in DC and go to DCPS which soooooo different with my school in Indonesia. Yet they both fun.

    • I would love to hear how they are different!

      • Yasmin Amalia

        I’ll compare 10 things between my school in indonesia and my school in DC. The first statement is about my school in indonesia and the 2nd statement is about my school in DC
        1. 15-19 subjects vs 7 subjects
        2. We can’t choose our subject vs we can choose our subject
        3. School start at 6.30 am and end at 3 pm vs school start at 8.45 am and end at 3.15 pm
        4. We need to wear uniform based on the day vs don’t need to wear any uniform
        5. We have 2 breaks vs we only have one break
        6. We stay in one class for the whole year vs moving class
        7. We’ve the same classmates for the whole year vs different classmates for each class
        8. Discussion and lecture based vs group work
        9. Daily test,mid-term test,final-term test vs quiz,final test
        10. School days from Monday to Saturday vs school days from Monday to Friday

        • Oh my gosh – a uniform specific to the day!? There sound like pros and cons to both for sure… but what a huge difference! And 6:30am just sounds TOO early!!

          • Yasmin Amalia

            Yes! So we don’t need to confuse choose the outfits in the morning. But 6.30 in indonesia is not too early hehe

  • I know i for one would definitely wear slippers to school.

  • V*

    This is such a cool post! I know it’s for the “Back to School” theme, but can there be more comparisons? I can do a Singapore vs Japan comparison of schooling since I’ve been through both ^_^

  • Geekyloot

    I’m dying of jealousy. Literally. Okay, figuratively. But still – I cannot wait to see Austria! My boyfriend is from Vienna and currently staying in the United States with me until we can get married and I’m done with school. I’ve only ever been to Canada and Mexico and I’m dying to travel abroad. I have plans to teach English in foreign countries – and I definitely will get to see Austria at some point being that his family still lives there. What are your favorite things to eat there? I’m a foodie – and my boyfriend says that all of the fast food they have is so much better than in the USA. Do you agree?

  • Welcome to Austria ^-^
    It’s interesting reading about our School System here 🙂 I hope you enjoy it ^^ When I was in School I enjoyed wearing Slippers 😀

  • Meg Schley

    Hi everyone! So, I’m going to try and answer all of your questions, so the comment may be a bit long. First, I really do go on the UBahn (that’s the official name and all), it just sometimes goes aboveground as well…not sure why. Next, I’m completely obsessed with the bread here. Bread is everywhere, and it’s cheap. Train stations have bakeries with fresh baked products, that usually sell for less than a Euro. So..I eat a TON of bread here. I haven’t really had fast food, but I suppose if we count non sit down places as fast food, then I can say that the kebab shops are great. And the ice cream shops. Ok, all the food is fantastic. If you have any more questions, feel free to comment!

  • Ellie Burton

    Hello, I live in america and am currently taking German II. I have a project to kind of explain the life of someone in a German speaking country. I was assigned a 17 year old girl in Linz, Austria. I know she would be a senior here, but I’m having trouble finding out what that would equate to in Austria and was wondering if you could help me out. Thanks!

    • Hello Ellie!

      Your best bet to reach out to our community is on Twitter. You can use the tag #IGGPPC or tag our account directly @geekgirlpenpals and we will RT you to see if anyone in our community has the answer!