Street Team

Are you a die hard Iggle? Do you want to spread the good word about the IGGPPC near and far to your local geek community? Here are some great ways to get involved!

Join the Street Team!

Members of our team are proactive Iggles who go out into their local community and spread the good word about our fun club to others. Perhaps you want to leave some business cards in your local comic book store, or maybe you want to rep the IGGPPC at a comic convention, or perhaps you want to hold a meet up with other Iggles at a local pub. Street Team members rep the IGGPPC in the streets, so go forth and spread the good word! We are always looking for new Iggles!

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I want to print my OWN swag

Awesome! Email and let her know what you need!

Thanks for being a member of the Geek Girl Pen Pals Street Team!