New to IGGPPC?

Welcome to the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club!

We’re so glad to have you! This will be your guide to all things International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club (IGGPPC) and your handy reference page for quick links as you learn to navigate our site.

Begin Your IGGPPC Quest

Press the START button:
The first thing to do is register for the site. You’ll need a username and an email address so you can post on the forums and sign up for a pen pal. Register here.

Exploring the IGGPPC Map

Adventure with Pen Pals:
We all know it’s dangerous to go alone, so sign up for a pen pal. You will be matched based on the five “Geek Loves” (the things you nerd out about) you list as well as your age range. Register for a pen pal here.

Connect With Your House:
Level up by getting sorted into your appropriate house based on your age range. This page lists the houses and age groups, as well as instructions for gaining access to your house “common room,” the private forum for your house only. Get sorted.

Go On Quests:
Our site hosts an amazing array of activities for you to find outlets and make friends. We have bookworms and fitness teams, movie buffs and baking champs, gamers, crafters, photographers,  you name it! Most groups have ongoing activities that you can jump into at any point. Read about activities here.

Increase Your Party Size:
Our forums are a great place to meet a variety of people and discuss nearly any topic you can imagine. You can find updates on activities, talk about real life stuff, find people going to conventions near you, and get answers for questions all in one place. Check out our forums here.

Want to trade geeky items and make some new connections? Our swaps are some of the most active parts of our sites. Members host all sorts of swaps and exchanges throughout the year, and the staff hosts a few larger ones as well. In the past we have sent out holiday cards, IGGPPCamp care packages, and other fun things. Read all about swaps here.

Increase Your Stats

+5 Charisma:
Our blog is called +5 Charisma and contains a wide variety of topics of interest to our sparkly geek community. Everything from interviews with people about their cool jobs to book reviews, fitness challenges to movie reviews, news and even giveaways can be found on our blog. Read our blog here.

The Stuffed Envelope:
Want the latest news from the land of IGGPPC? Sign up for our newsletter, The Stuffed Envelope, for a monthly digest of everything happening on the site, as well as upcoming events and important announcements. Sign up here.

Social Media Connections:
Every week we share a couple of social media hashtags with one another: #SnailMailSaturday and #iggleverse are super fun! On #SnailMailSaturday, show us your incoming and outgoing mail, your washi, stickers or stamp collections, anything at all related to snail mail, and look for other iggles doing the same! You can use #iggleverse any time you’ve got a window into your part of the world you’d like to share, so we can all peek into different parts of the globe! You can find many #SnailMailSaturday and #iggleverse contributions on instagram and Twitter!

The Rest of Your Adventuring Kit

Keep Up With What’s Happening:
How can you keep all of the events and activities straight? We’ve got a master calendar! You can find everything happening in the world of IGGPPC, and even transfer events to your own personal Google calendar. All of the times listed on our site are in GMT, so be sure to check your local time as well. Check the calendar here.

Discover New Lands:
One of the best ways to find other members of IGGPPC is to follow our social media. We use the hashtag #iggppc for nearly everything, and you can connect with folks all over the world with that one tag. You can find the links to our social media on the top and bottom of every page!

Customize your avatar:
If you want a custom image for your profile, you can do it in 2 ways. You can either upload it by editing your profile on WordPress, or BBpress, and scrolling down to the avatar section, or you can upload it through Gravatar. It is owned by WordPress (which hosts our site) so you are not going to another company. It is all “in house,” so to speak. This image will appear not only in your profile, but on your forum posts as well. Set your avatar using Gravatar here. If that URL does not work, or if you are in a country besides the USA, type in Gravatar into Google to find your local site.

Know the Lingo:
Does it seem like we’re speaking our own language? In a way we are! Here are some phrases you’ll hear as you hang around the site:

  • Iggle: A member of the IGGPPC community. That’s you!
    IGGPPCamp: An annual event held in the summer/winter (depending on your hemisphere) full of activities, games, live events, and other amazing things. (more here)
    Monthly Themes: Each month we choose a theme, and we spend the whole month celebrating that theme in everything from blog posts to baking prompts and beyond. (read more about our Themes here)
    Jimbob: Our mascot is a little snail with an adorkable pair of glasses named Jimbob. (our announcement of Jimbob)