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General Club Questions

What is an iggle?
An iggle is a member of our community.

What makes me an iggle? Do I have to participate in certain things?
You are what you eat. Wait, no! Don’t eat the iggles! It’s all in the mind, if you think you are, than you are! If you want to join in on the fun with us, and do pretty much anything or everything relating to the club, no matter how big or small, no matter how often, then YES, you are an iggle. You do not have to sign up for a pen pal, you do not have to partake in activities – you just have to want to be one. Simple as that!

Do I have to be a geek to join?
Truly, you just have to be yourself. We’re all geeky about something – even if it isn’t comic books or video games. Read this post Farquharson wrote about a definition of geek, and see if you feel more at home then.

Do I have to be a girl to join?
Nope! Guys, girls, unicorns, Klingons, Wookiees, House Elves and anyone who is geeky and in search of a pen pal are all welcome.


Pen Pal Questions

When is the next round of sign-ups?
Rounds open up on the 1st of every month at 9AM EST/2PM GST/9PM AUS and close on the last day of the month, unless otherwise noted.

I signed up! When will I receive my Pen Pal match?
Even if the round closes early, we’ll begin pairing starting the 1st of the month. Pairing emails usually go out from the 1st to the 12th of the month.

How do you pair people up?
We have four age groups, 13-17, 18-22, 23-29 and 30+. We will always pair you within someone in your age group. These age groups are also known as Houses. Find out more about the Houses here. We attempt to pair people who have similar interests (at least 1 matching interest, but as many as we can find.) If you want to be specifically paired with someone in a specific country, or outside of your country, it’s a good idea to list that as 1 of your geek loves. (Wish to be paired with someone in France, etc.)

I was paired with someone, but I emailed them and they never wrote back! :'(
If for any reason your new pal does not respond, you can go off into the wilderness and try to snag a pen pal via our Pen Pals forum. If that doesn’t work, sign up again the next month. Unfortunately there is no way for us to control someone’s willingness to follow through when they sign up. Want more info? Read a post Stewie wrote of “5 tips for making a good connection with your pen pal”

Can I have more than one pen pal?
We will only pair you with 1 per round but you can sign up for as many rounds as you want!

What languages are pen pals available in?
Right now, we currently pair English speaking pen pals – BUT – if you wish to be paired with someone within your country or a country with a specific language you wish to write to your pen pal in, give us a heads up at info@geekgirlpenpals.com and we will see what we can do. Right now, we have 2 other languages supported via Facebook – French and Spanish. If you wish to get a pen pal in either of these languages, feel free to post on these facebook pages and we will see what they can do!

Can I be an e-mail only pen pal?
You can, but most if not all of the people who sign for our club are expecting a pen and paper pen pal, so be warned that your match might be slightly miffed at the prospect of not getting hand written letters. But we’re sure if you’re nice about it, they will want to write to you just the same.

I’m not 13 yet! Can I still get a pen pal?
If you’re under 13, maybe you have an older sister, brother, dad, mom, aunt, or uncle who might be willing to sign up with you! Pen pal sign-ups are reserved for Iggles age 13 and up.

I’m a boy, can I join in?
Of course! We want all geeks and letter writing lovers to get involved! You can also choose which gender you choose to be paired with (or if you have no preference) in our pen pal rounds.

I received my Geek Girl Pen Pal. When should I mail out their letter or package?
Try to mail it within 2 weeks. We realize sometimes life gets in the way, so keep in touch with your Pen Pal via email if you can’t send it within 2 weeks.

Do I have to send a gift or package or can I just send a letter?
Only a letter or postcard is required, but if you want to send your Pen Pal a little somethin’ somethin’, feel free! Remember to check that there are no international restrictions on posting said item. If you are specifically looking to exchange gifts or packages, then our Swaps might be more your speed.

I’m not sure what to write or send, any suggestions?
If you are stuck for ideas of what to write, our community is always willing to help. Tweet #IGGPPC to ask for suggestions. Tell your pal about your job, your house, your pets, your significant other, your favorite band, or your Top 5 Geek Loves. Better yet, why not add a little Doctor Who decoupage, throw on some Pokemon stickers, or do a little Star Wars doodle? Or better yet send some local candy, because candy! The list of things you could do is endless! Have fun with it and create something wondrous! Here are some more ideas.

– A local recipe
– Hello Kitty earrings
– A coaster from your favorite pub
– Pokemon cards
– Some delicious local candy
– Temporary Tattoos
– A business card from your favorite local shop
– Swag from your favorite geek love
– Photos of local historic landmarks
– Lisa Frank Stickers
– A postcard from your hometown
– Sanrio stationery
– Art or drawings of your favorite geek love
– A Harry Potter keychain
– Photos of your cat
– Local currency/coins (something small but neat-o)

Is there anything I shouldn’t send?
Aside from anything you aren’t allowed to mail normally, (like liquids, live animals or hazardous materials) we also ask that you not send religious or political propaganda, business solicitations, and offensive or pornographic material. I mean really we shouldn’t have to tell you, but you never know 😉

Is there a monetary limit to the package I send to my Geek Girl Pen Pal?
Don’t go crazy now! You are not required to send a package, but some people might want to. We think a smart cap would be approximately ₤10 GBP or $15 USD (do whatever fancy kind of money conversion you have to on that!)

I received my letter or package from my Geek Girl Pen Pal! Awesome!
SCORE! Remember to take photos of your letter or package and post it to our specially dedicated Mail Call thread!


Site Related Questions

How do I change my profile picture?

If you want a custom image for your profile, you can do it in 2 ways. You can either upload it by editing your profile on WordPress, or BBpress, and scrolling down to the avatar section, or you can upload it through Gravatar. It is owned by WordPress (which hosts our site) so you are not going to another company. It is all “in house,” so to speak. This image will appear not only in your profile, but on your forum posts as well.Set your avatar using Gravatar here. If that URL does not work, or if you are in a country besides the USA, type in Gravatar into Google to find your local site.

Can I make a blog post about this club?
Um… cha! Please do and please share with us! We collate all features in our Press area!

Are you guys on Twitter?
Yup! IGGPPC HQ is on twitter or you can tweet us individually. Find our Twitter information here, and use hashtag #IGGPPC for any related nonsense!


Safety & Fraud Questions

Please find this information on our dedicated Safety page.